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Now That IS Keasy - A Keyboard Case

keasy smartphone tactile keyboard case

Now THIS is awesome. Keasy is a keyboard case for your smartphone. It is unlikely to be released for the Galaxy S2 as that's quite an old phone now, but it is going to be available on the Galaxy SIII within a few months. First off, Keasy needs some funding to bring this dream case to life, so be sure to hit up the Kickstarter page to fund it!

Basically, the keyboard is stored in the back of the case, and when you need it you slide it out and then slide it onto the front of your phone. The keyboard is clear and it sits on top of the on-screen keyboard, so you can still see your keys as you learn to touch-type again on your smartphone. The Keasy website is already live, but it currently just leads to the kickstarter page mostly. It is going to be updated imminently though.

Hot Tip: SmartStay Not Just for Galaxy S3

iseeyouSmart Stay is no longer exclusive to the Samsung Galaxy S3 thanks to ISeeYou app available here (there is a lite version available too). What is it? It's a nifty little app that uses your front facing camera to see whether or not you are looking at the screen.  If you are reading along article, for instance, ISeeYou will notice that you are still using the phone and will stop it from turning the screen off.

20% Off Diablo Skinz for your Galaxy S2

20% Off Galaxy S2 Diablo Skinz
It's a long weekend in the UK to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee. If that weren't enough reason to celebrate we've got a 20% OFF voucher code deal for you from Diablo Skinz. The image above should give you a good clue, but Diablo Skinz make these vinyl type stickers that are made specifically for the Galaxy S2 and fit perfectly. In fact I've had one on the back of my S2 for the better part of a year now.  It sure is a simple way to personalize your phone. Plus UK delivery is free.

Click here to go straight to the S2 Skins.


Vodafone Galaxy S3 Deal

From GalaxySiiiTips

TouchWiz UX Leaked from the SIII

How did we miss this!? A few days ago the TouchWiz UX launcher destined for the Galaxy S3 became available on XDA-Developers.  If you're curious to see what Samsung has done with their latest interface click here to get your TouchWiz on. I should say that it'll only work on Ice Cream Sandwich, and the instructions specify that you use Clock Work Mod to flash the update. Personally, I think I'll be waiting for the S3 to come at as I just flashed by S2 back to stock yesterday, in preparation for comparisons with the S3 which should be snug in my pocket tomorrow!
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